Rewards Zone

Payback Points Program

Dr. Jordan and his team have developed an "Incentive Program" to reward you for all of your hard work while your braces are on. Your Payback Points are based on your oral hygiene, being on time for your appointments, compliance with any special instructions, taking care not to break anything, and bringing your Payback Points Card with you to your appointments. Extra points are always awarded for 'sporting' your Jordan Orthodontics t-shirt, referring new patients into our office, and seeing your dentist for regular cleanings.

As you build up your points, you can turn them in at any time. You can earn wonderful prizes & gift cards as large as $75. Our highest level can even earn enough points for a Wii or an iPod!!!

Good Luck to all of our Participants!!!!!

Member's Only Club

For our younger patients that are not quite ready for their orthodontic treatment we have developed this special program.

The Member's Only Club allows these patients to earn points for coming in to their appointments, losing baby teeth, wearing their Jordan Orthodontics t-shirt, and referring in new patients. These patients will also be notified of any special events we are having in our practice and receive special birthday gifts!

For our Member's Only Parents we have Buyback Bucks. For each appointment your child attends you will receive a $25 credit towards eventual treatment!